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Woodards bailbonding services have been servicing Rocky Mount and the entire Nash County area for over 20 years now. Bail bonds in Rocky Mount are one of our special and frequent places to visit, we have relationships with magistrates and police officers in Nash County. You can trust that we will do exactly what we say we will because we have an outstanding reputation with our bond service in Nash county. With Woodards bailbonding services being in business so many years, there aren’t too many situations that we haven’t seen before, this makes it easier for us to better serve you and ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

Our Bail bond policies

Rocky mount bail bonds

Woodards Bailbonding services dislikes anyone being booked unjustly, while not having money to bond out of jail. This could force people to loose their valuables and even their homes, all for a crime they didn’t commit. We aim to make your bonding process in Rocky Mount fast and as simple as possible. Also after walking you through the our entire bond process, we will also follow up with you with court date reminders, and any updates that we find out concerning your case. Woodards Bailbonding Services understands your unfortunate situation that you are in, and we put our best efforts into not adding extra stress to your current situation.

How our bail bonds process works in Nash County

Bonding out in Nash County is the same process as Wilson County bond service. After contacting one of out bail agents and giving us all the information we need such as full name, address etc. we will begin to start the bail process. We will start by contacting Nash County Jail to verify information a like the bond amount and status, then we go to the jail so sign your release papers. At this point the only reason you would still be in custody is because the jail has to go through you release papers and sign other paper work. Once released we will be there to greet you and verify your information.

What to expect when using our bond service

When using Woodards Bailbonding Service, You must remember we are here to help but we are also a business. The reason for a bond is so that you are not in custody while waiting to go to court however, you must go. Missing court forces us to pay the entire bond amount and would also be an order for your arrest. In order for us to avoid paying the entire bond, unfortunately, we must take action into bringing you into custody. We have our own bounty hunting team in all of the areas that we service. 

We try to avoid using our team but in the event that we do, we have a 99% success rate in returning people back into custody. To avoid this from happening we will periodically contact you to remind you with court date reminders. We are here to help, so any updates about your case that we hear you will be the first to know. Our bail bonds in Rocky Mount has an outstanding reputation and the best customer service, contact one of our bail agents to see if you qualify for our payment plan.

Normal Bail Bonds Procedures

If at any chance you are suspected of perpetrating a wrongdoing or planning something against the law, the most challenging part is being detained in light of the fact that the court will let you pay a specific amount of cash as bail with the goal for you to be discharged and more often than not, the bail can cost you a great deal of money.

If you have no money close by or a just-in-case account that you can withdraw cash, it can be stressful. The majority of people sell their properties or get an advance, and for others, their final option is getting the agents of a bondsman that pays their bail for them to be discharged. Not exclusively does the bondsman secure your bail however they additionally deal with the whole bailing procedure for your additional accommodation. More info


Bail bonds

Surety Bond

The most common type of bail bond is a surety bond which is generally given by a surety bond organization or office that protects you with a bail specialist to deal with your bail on the off chance that you get captured or kept. Before you can be discharged from custody or confinement, the judge more often than not sets a specific amount of bail for you to pay and on the off chance that you can’t pay the sum for your discharge, the bondsman deals with it. The surety bond organization normally bears a specific level of the bail contingent upon your agreement and the bail bonds company will for the most part request security for the remainder of the sum.

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